The final minutes of the game between Bath and Gloucester in the ongoing Anglo-Welsh Cup saw Gloucester come away with a late draw.

Ben Tapuai of Bath Rugby believes that his team needs to do more in closing out games.

Bath had gone through an implausible first half display against Gloucester, but were able to recover along the way. At five minutes left on the clock, they held a 17-10 lead.

Not quite long after, Aled Brew’s score was cancelled out by the visiting side as they scored a try of theirs at 78 minutes. James Hook followed up with the conversion, thus levelling the score line.

Responding to the question of how he felt after they had come so close to victory and yet saw it snatched from underneath them, Tapuai reiterated that his team mates were proud of their efforts, despite not coming off with a win.

“We’ve just been chatting in the changing rooms and we’re pretty proud of the effort we delivered. It’s just one of those things as we could have walked away with a win, but a draw is good enough. We just have to close off that last ten minutes and close out games.

“I think the slow start was just a case of getting used to different combinations in the first half and we had a lot of young guys in the team, so obviously that plays into it,” the inside centre added.

Even though they were unable to get a win over Gloucester, which was disappointing for Tapuai, he also noted that it was of more importance for the team to continue in their momentum buildup as they return to Premiership action. For their next game, Bath would be visiting Newcastle.

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