No One In The Bath Rugby Team Is Training Harder Than Sam Burgess According To Coach Hatley

The 26 years old Sam Burgess who is in the Bath professional rugby union team, is putting in a lot more effort aimed at being able to play better than the rest of his team according to Neal Hatley, the coach of the aforementioned team.

Sam Burgess earlier used to play Rugby League matches, but recently he has started playing Rugby Union Matches. He has not even played 15 Rugby Union matches. The 26 years old player had to face a lot of criticism on account of not being able to make a big enough contribution for the team in the match where his steam faced off against Northampton.

Northampton Saints team performed very well in that match and the back line of the Bath team and even Burgess could not manage to get possession of the ball. The match took place on 21st February, Saturday.

The score of Bath team stood at 13 while the Northampton Saints team’s score was 21. The head coach of the Bath team, Mike Ford has said that it was indeed frustrating for the 26 years old player to adjust himself with this format of Rugby. The touches of the ball Sam Burgess is getting now is much less than what he used to get before when he played Rugby league matches.

The effort Burgess is putting in to improve is an example for the rest of the members of the team according to the coach, Neal Hatley and he further added that he’s making improvements very quickly and indeed he’s doing everything he can to establish himself among the best Rugby Union players. Sam Burgess has put up an excellent performance in defence when the team played in the previous two weeks. In the field, Burgess Puts up a very intense performance and the coach thinks that they may need to make him play in a calm manner.