New and improved plans for the Bath Rugby Club

The Rugby Union giants, Bath Rugby club received a new impetus ahead of their campaign in the next season. Their plea for increasing the capacity for their stadium has been approved by the authorities who will help the home team to be supported by a huge crowd of about 14000 during their campaign. This decision has been taken to celebrate the 150 years anniversary of one of the most prestigious and oldest clubs in the world of rugby. The club had been a formidable force in the eighties and nineties when they had won a number of John Player Club and Courage League titles thanks to their all star line up. There was a huge gap between the 1998 season Heineken Cup and the 2008 season European Challenge Cup although the club continued to evolve as a force to reckon with over the years. Yet the stadium existing in the club’s home ground was not up to the premiership standards. Thereby a number of professional consultants and architects were hired by the club for a complete renovation of the existing stands. The group of experts had decided to re-construct the west stand and the northern terrace along with a removable east stand and an extension of the south stand. But the execution of the aforesaid plan depended on the Bath and North East Somerset Council who were supposed to grant the permission for construction work. This happened very recently much to the joy of the fans, officials as well as the players associated with the club. With everything going on their side Bath club shall be looking forward to a spirited performance from their team in the upcoming season especially at the back of a very unlucky and disappointing venture the last time around due to the paucity of trophies.

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