Goode gets Clattering from Banahan – Premiership Rugby Union

Bath Rugby Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “Goode gets Clattering from Banahan – Premiership Rugby Union”

  1. drangboon says:

    @gregdixon12 And you know this how? Looks to me like he had every intention of checking him, so I would say you are wrong.

  2. gregdixon12 says:

    @drangboon the thing is your wrong, he clearly pulled out of the tackle when Goode pushed it on, the impact that Banahan made was just the follow through from the tackle he was going to commit to. if you watch Banahan he is facing where the ball went not commited for the player.

  3. bidefordrfc says:


    EGGS-UNCTLY! couldn’t have put it better myself! i get tired of the ‘he was so big and hard the guy bounced off excuse

  4. jdofb says:

    banahan does all the good work in timing his run and picking his man but whatever anyone says that isnt a legal tackle in a million years if you think thats a legal tackle you dont know the rules of rugby ps he actualy uses his arms to push goode off him so theres no excuse that his size and weight stop him using his arms

  5. drangboon says:

    @bubblepopdom Sorry, but you dont seem to understand the rules. If you make a tackle, you MUST attempt to wrap your arms around the person being tackled. You CANNOT drop your arms and lunge in with the shoulder, forearm, or anything else. If you do not make an attempt to wrap an arm, at the very least, around your target, then it is a foul, and you can be carded/sin binned for it. Banahan is a brilliant player, but this was not legal at all. But, seeing as its rugby, we shouldnt call EVERYTHING.

  6. DinaanBumm says:

    @scrumhalfwing banahan makes no effort to wrap his arms at all and makes no effort to come of teh tackle at all

  7. 0910dc says:

    @scrumhalfwing off the ball? dont be stupid

  8. timmyholland says:

    @bubblepopdom absolute rubbish!

    Your last sentence need only be applied to you, well maybe Mr Banahan too!

  9. hakametal says:

    the quality of this video is ridiculously good

  10. OneBigRetard says:


  11. scrumhalfwing says:

    @bubblepopdom how does his superior weight and speed account for him making no attempt to even lift his arms and to just drop his shoulder?

  12. bubblepopdom says:

    @scrumhalfwing its a fine tackle, its not classed as “off the ball” because Banahan was already commited to the tackle, and it is not reasonable to expect someone to pull out of the tackle that quickly. Whilst it may appear he does not use his arms, this is simply because of Banahan’s superior weight and speed, Goode is hit away from the tackle before Banahan could wrap his arms completely. please learn the rules before commenting next time…

  13. scrumhalfwing says:

    off the ball and no arms… nice