Bath Rugby Will Continue Supporting Charity Partners

Bath Rugby is happy to confirm that the support that Club offer to the Bath Cats and Dogs Home will remain as it will.

The Club is committed to offer the same kind of support and even better to the organization for the 2017/2018 season.

In release of Bath, the news was confirmed. According to the release, with the help of supporters, in the last season, the Club raised more than £100,000 amount for the cause of charity, with which the club will offer the support. Meanwhile, in the new campaign; the club’s partnership with its local charities will also continue, and it will get underway in a time of a few weeks.

Tarquin McDonald, the Managing Director, said “We are happy to extending our bonding with three of our local charity partners and the Bath Rugby Foundation (the charitable arm of the Club).”

He further added that the generosity of supporters of the club and helped them a lot and with their support only, they have been willing to make a significant positive impression on the community. The club is really going to help these charities to make a difference in their work areas. In the coming years, we are looking forward to grow this relationship from strength-to-strength.”

The charities will get the benefit from the fundraising share that team will have throughout the season. Thus, a request has been made by the organization to people to give what they can this season at the Recreation Ground as every penny is going to help these organizations to make a better Bath team.

To support the organization and all to know more about the charity firms that Bath supports, one can check the official website of the club. Complete information is shared there.

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