Bath Rugby Club

Bath Rugby Club is one of the oldest world renowned rugby union clubs located in the heart of the city of Bath. It was originally based at North Parade, trying hard to establish them; played at Claverton Down, Lambridge Meadows, Taylor’s Field and Henrietta Park. Throughout 1800 they continued their efforts which ultimately resulted in its formal recognition in the year 1865. Nick Blofeld is the present CEO of the Bath Rugby club and Andrew Brownsword is the owner and current chairman of the same.

The official supporter’s club exclusive to Bath Rugby Club was formally recognized in January 1997. Jake Massey is the mastermind behind the happening; it was he who lobbied for the cause of the club after the game had entered the professional milieu. It is an elected committee constituting 11 members with 4 titled authority posts of chairman, Hon Treas, Hon Sec and membership sec. It is rather interesting to note that the present CEO of this club is known to be an ex officio member of this committee. Social events and Q and A sessions are quite a common phenomenon all around the year. BRSC is a recognized sponsor of the Bath Community Foundation. Shirt raffles and “Two in a Bath “competitions are the two major sources of regular funding and income. Moreover they also sponsor a single young player each year.

The Recreational Ground, better known as “The Rec” is the stadium for regular practice for the Bath Rugby Club. In the 2009-10 seasons the ground capacity went as high as 11,700. During the summer the same ground is also made available to accommodate cricket matches. The cricket pitch is mainly used by the Somerset County Cricket Club once every year. Nonetheless the Recreational ground is the home ground for the Bath club. Nick blofeld recently stated that the stadium will soon be able to accommodate 20,000 for the better prospect of future rugby. Moreover added facilities of cafes, restaurants, hospitality suites and conference facilities are also trying to be incorporated in the same setting. Moreover the club is quite keen on organizing the Western Riverside Development as their potential future venture.

14th April 2010 marked a new beginning for the Bath Rugby Club as they lay down their new goals and future plans and programs. Bruce Craig, a West county entrepreneur and businessman was to buy all 100% of the club’s shares. A new head quarter along with an elite training complex at Farleigh House located at a distance of less than 15 minutes was unanimously decided upon. They have managed to make a mark in the history of English Rugby in terms of developments in the future prospects as well as improvements in all sectors of the current game play. The Bath Rugby Club is surely on their way to becoming the next top team in the English Premier League and various other Championships as well. Although currently placed at 5th they will manage to hold a decent position by the end of this season.

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